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How do I send fan mail?

1. You must first email to ask if you may send fan mail

2. State in the email which client you want to write to and what you are requesting and/or sending. We do NOT accept mail for those who are not clients (it will be disposed of unopen). And our current clients may have requested certain fan mail is sent to an address other than CESD.

3. Again, do NOT send fan mail care of either CESD office until first emailing us at for permission and instructions.


Thank you for your interest in CESD and its clients.

How do I submit my portfolio?

To submit your demos/pictures follow these 6 easy steps:

1. Send E-mail with your submission to

2. You MUST indicate which of our offices you are submitting to, Los Angeles or New York.

3. You MUST include your contact phone number and e-mail address.

4. For a submission to any division of our Voice-Over Departments: provide a link to your voice demo. Do NOT send any sound file attachments.

5. For a submission to any division of our On-Camera Commercial, Print-Fashion, and Theatrical Departments: Attach 1-2 photos and your entertainment resume. You may provide a link to a portfolio and/or your website in the body of the e-mail as well. Briefly explain your submission and the exact departments you wish to receive your submission.

6. All submissions are forwarded to the appropriate department. Each department handles their own submissions. They will contact you if they are interested in meeting with you. Do NOT call or email a follow­up, please.

Thank you for submitting to us.

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